Please contact our customer service via: For emergency contact, please dial 02-2762-8850. Our service hours are weekdays 10am to 6pm, excluded weekend and holidays.


SENSE OF PLACE TAIWAN ONLINE STORE 網路商店提供您商品到貨七天鑑賞期的權益,並提醒您注意,商品退換貨時必須恢復原狀,也就是您收到商品時的全新狀態,包括 : 吊牌未剪,商品、內外包裝、文件、贈品皆須為全新未使用的狀態,否則無法退換貨,且退換貨以一次為限。


▌Return and Exchange Policy

According to the Consumers Protection Act
SENSE OF PLACE TAIWAN ONLINE STORE provides return or exchange within 7 days from the date on which the parcel is received.
Please ensure the returned or exchanged good is in its original condition, which means item must be unworn, undamaged, unmarked or unused in any way, and complete with its original tags, packaging, vouchers and gifts. Item that is returned without tags, and/or are damaged in anyway will be rejected and sent back at your own expense.

Unfortunately, we do not provide return and exchange service for oversea customers at this moment.

- 若商品有瑕疵或與訂購不符商品之退換貨,請務必於商品送達後七日內來信與我們聯絡,否則無法提供退換貨服務。超過七日恕不受理退換貨申請,敬請見諒。
- 寄出退換貨申請信件後,客服將在三日內回覆,還請耐心等候。

- 退換貨申請信件中,請務必告知以下資訊:
1.訂單編號 2.訂單姓名 3.聯絡電話 4.E-MAIL 5.商品名/數量/金額 6.退換貨原因 7.可收取退換貨的日期與時間(不包含周末及例假日)

- 如果您使用現金付款/信用卡分期支付,請提供以下帳戶資訊:
1.銀行/郵局名稱 2.分行名稱 3.帳戶號碼 4.帳戶名稱

- 如果您使用刷卡一次付清,將直接為您辦理線上退刷,無須提供帳戶資料。(因各家銀行退款流程不同,我們為您辦理線上退刷後,各家銀行會需7-21天個工作天完成退刷交易,並於您的下一期信用卡帳單中顯示。)

- 請確認退換貨商品為全新狀態,包括 : 吊牌未剪,商品、內外包裝、文件、贈品皆須為全新未使用的狀態,否則無法退換貨。
- 在收到您的退換貨申請後,我們將寄發「受理通知函」給您並安排宅配人員收貨。
- 妥善包裝好後交給宅配人員,不須支付運費。待收到您欲退換貨之商品後,我們將立即處理退款或換貨事宜。

▌Return and exchange procedures
If a return or exchange is needed for defects or faulty item, please email us within 7 days from the date on which the parcel is received, and no application will be accepted after.

1.Please send an email to our customer service with the following information: full name/contact number/order number/name, color, size, quantity of the return item/pick up address/pickup date (pickup is only available after 3pm)/payment information.
- For credit card payment, the refund will be issue back to your original credit card used for the order.
- For other payment methods, the refund will be transferred to your assigned bank account. Therefore, please provide the banking information includes: name of the bank/post office/branch name/account number/name of the account holder.
2.Please ensure the returned or exchanged good is in its original, unused, unaltered, and unwashed condition, with its original tags, packaging, vouchers and gifts, otherwise it will not be accepted.
3.Once the application email is received, we’ll sent you a “Acceptance notification” in order to arrange a return pickup.
4.Please pack the return item properly for the pickup, and noted that no postage is required. Once the return item is received, we’ll check the condition first, then process immediately after.
5.The courier will contact that you for the return pickup at your assigned time and date within 5 working days. Please kept the receipt for reference.

- 未妥善包裝導致商品有髒汙、破損之虞。
- 非試穿而明顯已穿著過之商品,例如沾染異味(含香水味)、毛髮、粉痕等。
- 顧客造成髒汙或破損之商品。
- 吊牌已剪或標籤或配件遺失之商品。
- 洗滌過之商品。
- 附罩杯背心、貼身內衣褲、襪子及飾品(耳環、髮圈等)。
- 食品類或化妝品。
- 寄回狀態與配送時狀態差異太大之商品。(包括外包裝箱盒與配件等)
- 換貨僅提供同型號商品之不同顏色或尺寸。
- 恕不接受不同型號商品之退換,敬請見諒。
- 商品申請換貨期間,如遇同款商品進行促銷,恕不提供補退差額服務。
- 網路商店不受理實體店鋪購買商品之退換貨事宜,實體店鋪亦不受理網路商店購買商品之退換貨。
- 因個人因素多次重複要求退貨、取消訂單者,恕不再受理之後的訂單,請特別注意。

▌Please noted that the following products or with the following conditions, return or exchange will be rejected, and sent back on your own expense.
- Marked or damaged item cause by the customer or inefficient packing.
- Worn item with smells (included fragrance), hair or makeup marks attached.
- Tags, labels or components are missing.
- Washed item
- Intimate apparel (including but not limited to lingerie, underwear, swimwear and accessories.)
- Food or cosmetic
- Item not in its original condition (include package, components etc.)
- Exchange is only available for different color or size of the same style.
- Please note that exchange is not available for different product.
- If a purchased item goes on sale during the exchange process, we do not offer any price adjustment for that.
- SENSE OF PLACE TAIWAN ONLINE STORE do not accept any return or exchange for the item purchased in stores, and vice versa.
- If you repeatedly request returns or cancel orders due to personal reasons, subsequent orders will no longer be accepted, so please pay special attention.